Is Laravel UI Deprecated?

Laravel UI is a very simple authentication scaffolding built on the Bootstrap CSS framework (Source : Laravel UI’s Documentation). It can install Bootstrap or React or Vue for you and also provides the basic routes and views for authentication. But as new Laravel updates arrive, is this package deprecated yet?

Yes. As of Laravel 8, it is recommended to use Laravel Jetstream or Laravel Breeze instead of Laravel UI. Laravel UI’s documentation itself states that it is a legacy package.

This legacy package is a very simple authentication scaffolding built on the Bootstrap CSS framework. While it continues to work with the latest version of Laravel, you should consider using Laravel Breeze for new projects. Or, for something more robust, consider Laravel Jetstream.

Laravel UI’s Documentation

Can Laravel UI Still be Used?

Yes. Although it is deprecated, it can still be used, just not maintained. But since it is deprecated, do keep in mind that we don’t know when it will be no longer compatible with new Laravel versions.

Should You Still Use Laravel UI?

There are cases where you have to use Laravel UI, for example, when you need to use a package that comes with Laravel UI, Laravel-AdminLTE is one of them for exampe (also check out How to Integrate AdminLTE With Laravel). So, if the package you need still uses Laravel UI, go for it.

In other cases where you aren’t required to use Laravel UI, it is recommended to use newer authentication scaffolding tools as those are the most up to date and recommended by Laravel itself.

You can use Jetstream if you want a robust authentication scaffolding. But if you want a simpler and similar to Laravel UI tool, you can use Laravel Breeze.

Laravel Breeze is like a modern version of Laravel UI, but the difference is that it is built with blade and Tailwind instead of Bootstrap. In my opinion, the view the scaffolding provides looks better if compared to Laravel UI.


Laravel UI is deprecated but still usable. It is totally up to your preference and your needs to still use it or to move to newer solutions.

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