How to Integrate AdminLTE With Laravel

When you build backend applications with Laravel like Admin Panels, it would save you a ton of time if you use an Admin Template. One of the best free admin template you can use is AdminLTE. It provides the frontend view for your application so you can focus on the backend.

There are 2 ways you can integrate this template :

  1. Manually slicing from the downloaded zipped HTML template
  2. Using the jeroennoten/Laravel-AdminLTE package

We’ll be focusing on the second method for now since it’s cleaner and easier. You don’t have to manually download and slice the template with this method.

Here are the steps we need :

  1. Create a new Laravel project
  2. Install jeroennoten/Laravel-AdminLTE package
  3. Modify the template

1. Create a new Laravel project

First things first, let’s create our Laravel project by running this command. (Replace admin-panel with your desired name)

composer create-project laravel/laravel admin-panel

2. Install jeroennoten/Laravel-AdminLTE package

Now, cd into your project and run this command to install the package

composer require jeroennoten/laravel-adminlte

Now that you have installed the package, what command you run depends on what you intend to do with your project.

If you intend to have just the dashboard view like below, you can simply run this command to publish the vendor

php artisan adminlte:install

That command basically copies the files (template and dependencies) from the vendor folder to your working project so that it can be used.

That enables you to use the template. You can check this page to see other variations to this command. You can add basic scaffolding for your views and route with other variations. Do keep in mind if you use the authentication scaffolding, you’ll need the laravel/ui package.

AdminLTE Default Dashboard
AdminLTE Default Dashboard

3. Modify the template

Now, to make your page looks like the image above, replace your welcome.blade.php with this code


@section('title', 'Dashboard')


    <p>Welcome to this beautiful admin panel.</p>

Now, your page will look like the image above, go ahead and modify the content as you like.

But, modifying the content won’t be enough, you’d want to modify the title and the navigations too, right?

Go ahead and open config/adminlte.php. Inside that file, you can find all the configurations you need to modify the appearance. For example, go ahead and head to the ‘menu’ part and change one of the navbar items. It should work.

There are still a lot of configurations that you can modify, go ahead and explore it! I believe they are all pretty self explanatory.


And that’s how you integrate the AdminLTE template with Laravel. I personally prefer this way rather than slicing it manually. This post acts as a supplement to the documentation because although the documentation is helpful, I’m still quite confused at first. I didn’t know what to modify and how to modify the navigations. That’s why I made this post so that you don’t get confused like I did.

Do refer to the documentation whenever you want to find the full options of what you can do with this package.

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Now, go explore!

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